Working for Your Future

Democrats Work For Your Future

  • EDUCATION: Democrats will make good public schools and libraries available to every resident, regardless of income, and make debt-free college and technical schools a reality for all.
  • ECONOMIC PROSPERITY: Democrats will enact policies that create good-paying jobs and protect the rights of working people.
  • FARMERS: Democrats will fund programs to develop the next generation of farmers, with particular attention given to promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Democrats will fight to preserve open spaces and public lands and waters.
  • OLDER ADULTS: Democrats will ensure that all people are able to retire with dignity and a high quality of life.
  • HEALTHCARE: Democrats will protect Medicare and Medicaid and advocate for quality healthcare for all.
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Democrats will uphold the Constitution and challenge structures that have created lasting economic, political, and social inequities.