County Officials

Winchester Hall The County Executive provides management oversight and direction for Frederick County Government departments and agencies, establishes public policy, and is responsible for the development of the county budget. The County Executive serves a four-year term and not more than two consecutive terms.

County Executive

County Executive - Jan Gardner (D)

Jan Gardner

Email: Email
Phone: 301-600-3190
Elected: 2014
Term: 4 Years

Frederick County transitioned from the County Commissioner form of government to the County Charter form of government on December 1, 2014. Under Charter Government, there is an Executive Branch with a County Executive and a Legislative Branch with a County Council.

The seven-member County Council consists of five members elected by district and two elected at-large. Council members have the power to initiate legislation. Council meetings are limited to 45 days yearly. County Council members serve for four years and no more than three consecutive terms, and will receive $22,500 per year with no benefits. Legislative sessions are limited to 45 days yearly and non-legislative sessions as needed. See map.

County Council

Frederick County Council

Council Members left to right: Billy Shreve, Jessica Fitzwater, Vice President M.C. Keegan-Ayer, President Bud Otis, Tony Chmelik, Jerry Donald and Kirby Delauter.

Bud Otis (R), Chair, At-large (301-600-1101)

M.C. Keegan Ayer (D), Vice-Chair, Council District 3 (301-600-2336)

Tony Chmelik (R), Council District 2 (301-600-1034)

Kirby Delauter (R), Council District 5 (301-600-1034)

Jerry Donald (D), Council District 1 (301-600-2336)

Jessica Fitzwater (D), Council District 4 (301-600-2336)

Billy Shreve (R), At-large (301-600-1034)

Board of Education

Frederick County Public Schools
191 South East Street
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 644-5000

Brad W. Young, President
Liz Barrett, Vice President
Michael G. Bunitsky (D)
Colleen Cusimano
Dr. Kenneth Kerr (D)
April Fleming Miller
Joy Schaefer (D)

Other Elected Officials

Frederick County Judicial Branch
100 West Patrick St.
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 600-6565

State's Attorney - Charlie Smith (R) (301-600-1523)
Clerk of the Circuit Court - Sandra K. Dalton (R) (301-600-1906)
Register of Wills - Sharon Keller (R) (301-600-5665)
Sheriff - Chuck Jenkins (R) (301-600-1532)

Judges of the Orphans' Court

Jimmy W. Trout (R), Chief Judge
Adrian Remsberg (R), Associate Judge
Gurnon F. Working (R), Associate Judge