Upcoming Elections

The Frederick County Democratic Central Committee does not endorse Democratic candidates in a contested primary election. However, we encourage you to help the campaign of your choice in any way you see fit.

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Elections 2018

The elections of 2018 started being a hot topic before Donald Trump's first 100 days even came to a close. Republicans are holding the majority of Federal, State, Local and Judiciary offices, so 2018 will be a pivotal year for our democracy.

Races in 2018 (Maryland and Frederick County)

Governor/Lt. Governor
U.S. Senator
U.S. Representatives
MD State Senators
State Delegates
County Executive
County Council
and more!

2018 Important Dates

June 26, 2018 - PRIMARY ELECTION

November 6, 2018 - GENERAL ELECTION

Candidates (listed by office and in no particular order)

Candidates' listing will be updated on Friday of each week through now and the filing deadline on February 27. Info taken directly from the Maryland State Board of Elections website and/or as provided by the individual candidate.

Representative in Congress - District 6

Andrew Duck - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter
Nadia Hashimi - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter
Aruna Miller - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter
Roger Manno - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter
David Trone - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter

Representative in Congress - District 8

Jamie Raskin - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter

State Senator - District 3

Jennifer Brannan - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter

State Senator - District 4

House of Delegates - District 3A

Carol Krimm - Email
Ryan Trout - Email
Karen Lewis Young - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter

House of Delegates - District 3B

Ken Kerr - Email, Website, Facebook

House of Delegates - District 4

Darrin Smith - Email, Website,Twitter
Ysela Bravo - Email


County Executive

County Council - District 1

Jerry Donald - Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter

County Council - District 2

County Council - District 3

County Council - District 4

County Council - District 5

County Council-At-Large

Kai Hagen - Email, Website, Facebook
Mark Long - Email, Website, Facebook

State's Attorney

Clerk of Circuit Court

Register of Wills

Judge of the Orphan's Court


Karl Bickel - Email

Democratic Central Committee - Female

Lauren Beacham - Email
Deb Reynolds - Email

Democratic Central Committee - Male

Antonio Bowens - Email, Facebook, Twitter
Josh Cramer - Email