Plowman Fisherman Club


The Monocacy Plowman and Fisherman Club is one of the fundraising efforts of the Frederick County Democratic Party. It is not a traditional club. There are no meetings, and there are no officers.

Through a series of three annual events, our "members" get face-to-face with elected leaders and leading Democratic thinkers as we pull them off the stage and into our kitchens, living rooms, and even our barns for the kinds of conversations and back-and-forth we don't usually get.

Maryland State Seal

The name of the club is based on the Maryland State Seal which has two men resting their hands on the State Shield; they are identified as the Plowman and the Fisherman upon whose labors Maryland flourishes.


The Plow-Fish kick-off event is normally held in early Spring, with the second event set in the Summer, and the last event held in either the Fall or Winter of the year. Once the event is scheduled, we will post all of the information on our website and Facebook page, along with sending the announcement via email.

Become a Member

An annual membership of $150 for calendar year 2017 permits you and one guest to attend all three Plow-Fish events at no further cost. Folks who join after the first event is held are asked to pay $120. An event only ticket - including a guest - is $75.

Please make a check payable to FCDCC and mail to Frederick County Democratic Party, P.O. Box 793, Frederick, MD 21705. Please write "Plow-Fish" in the memo line, and include your name, phone number and email address.